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Human resource management software

TechHR is a Human Resource Management Information System developed to fit and organizations Human Resource Data requirements and is deployed as a customized solution, according to specifications.

It is ideal for organizations that want to:
» Save money and time and direct their efforts to more strategic Human Resource Management tasks;
» Maximize on the benefits availed through their internet connectivity by using the same to support core Human Resource Management functions.

Successful companies use the information already available in their information systems to guide decision making. For example, information on employee appraisals and review ratings is already available and with TechHR, it can be incorporated into compensation packages. The equitable support of the performance evidence takes the guess work out of measuring the levels of compensation to be implemented for various performance levels.

An organization is only as good as its Human Resource team and with TechHR, scheduling of training and development is incorporated into employee information and reminders on training that needs to be undertaken can be sent to the Human Resource Manager and the employee concerned for their action.

Functionality and Benefits
The Human Resource System comprises of the following modules
..» Recruitment;
..» Medical Claims Management;
..» Personnel Details Entry Module;
..» Personnel Records Maintenance & Update Module;
..» Staff Development Module - Training.

This system is currently implemented at Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies.

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