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  PharmaSoft SQL™  

PharmaSoft SQL™

Financial management and stock control software

PharmaSoft is a Financial Management and Stock Control Software locally developed by Rivotek Kenya. The system has been employed successfully in the market for five years in the retail, distribution and manufacturing sectors within the pharmaceutical industry.

Functionality and Benefits
The system makes a difference in how you manage, capture and integrate business transactions. Specific benefits include:

..» Flexibility - The system is fully customizable and allows you to incorporate business principles and controls that you may desire to have in a system;
..» Branch Management - Allows remote branches to be linked and to share information through wireless or dial in connectivity;
..» Drugs Expiry Date Management - Warns you when drugs are due to expire;
..» Stock Control - system that allows multiple users to engage the system without performance being compromised;
..» KRA Compliance - System is tried and tested to comply with KRA tax register requirements.

The software is currently in use in some of the leading pharmaceutical organizations including Lenana Pharmaceuticals, Biodeal Laboratories, PSF, Transchem Pharmaceuticals, Inkamed Pharmacy and Madaraka Chemists among others.

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