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  PharmaSoft SQL™  

A Hospital and Clinical Management Solution.
PHARMAMED is a Hospital and Clinical Management solution that gathers relevant demographic and visit specific information for all patients using the hospital services.
It is a fully integrated system with powerful features that boost the overall performance of the users and ensure optimal results in control and transaction processing.

Key Features:
» Vital Signs
» Radiology
» Lab Tests
» Claims processing for medical insurance schemes
» Billing systems for individual & accounts
» Patient Register
» Outpatient record histories
»Pharmaceutical and stock management

Key Benefits:
Multi Currency: The software is multi currency. You can set-up and use an unlimited number of foreign currencies in unison with the default home currency.   Once setup, Pharmamed automatically updates a foreign exchange gain or losses account in the case of foreign exchange rate fluctuations. It also possible to set-up periodic exchange rates.

Security:  Pharmamed allows you to set-up User Access Groups and individual users. One can allocate different system Access Rights to the different User Access Groups then assign a particular User to this User Access Group and assign the User a security password.

Document Audit Trail: Pharmamed monitors all documents and transactions processed by a particular user at any particular time. It thus makes it possible to know who processed what when! The system will allow you to print out these trails whenever necessary.

Data Integrity: Pharmamed comes with a utility to allow you to backup your data every time you close the system. In case of data corruption, Pharmamed also employs the CompactorÓ utility, which will automatically repair and compact the database, thus ensuring maintenance of data integrity.

Internet Ready: Pharmamed is Internet ready. It contains functionality that allows you to start up your default mail engine send documents and reports to the defined mailing addresses. Future releases shall also facilitate distributed transaction processing and commerce through the Internet.

Customisation, Support And Expandability: Due to the fact that this system is locally developed, technical personnel guarantee full technical support either online or offline on demand. The system developers are always on hand to facilitate system customisation and enhance the systems expansion.

Pharmamed is currently in place at Afya Royal Clinics, Diadems Healthcare and Mayflower Health centre among others.

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