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ONLINE Academic Registration System is an Online Student & Academic Records Management Information Solution.

OARS – Online Application Registration System ™ product is a web-based Academic ERP Solution - Academic ERP is synonymous with Higher Education Administrative Solution and Administrative/ERP Information System. 

The ERP software helps colleges and universities of all sizes and types communicate with their Students through Portals, and manage the entire student lifecycle – Admissions, Registration, Student Records, Financial , and Alumni Relations.  OARS is built on Microsoft technologies, which ensure compatibility, efficient use of resources, scalability, and complete automation.

Key Features:
» Admissions
» Course Registration
» Performance Management
» Billing and Fees Management
» Accounts

Key Benefits:
» Real time feedback on selected courses
» Student control of class selection.
» Workload for admin and records reduced.
» Students can register from any where in the world.
» Paper and toner usage reduced.
» Students access of own approved transcripts.
» Student to access own audit report. A student is able to identify which courses need to be taken for him to graduate.

The solution is currently in use at Daystar University, St. Pauls University, Hekima College among others.

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