Our services aim to provide complete, accurate information to the client, which is then used to guide the achievement of specific business goals such as reducing costs, improving customer relationships, increasing productivity and / or streamlining processes.







Business Advisory Services
The Business Advisory Services (BAS) offers consultancy services to SMEs as well as high flight companies interested in either starting a new business or expanding the existing one locally or abroad.

Project Management
Our experience entails project with blue-chip companies such as AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, IBM and Microsoft. Teaming our technical, academic and business skills, we manage successful projects on the proven knowledge that the outcome of any project is only as good as the process it follows.

Localization Services
..» Project Management;
..» Language Translation;
..» Localization Engineering and Quality Assurance;
..» Multilingual Publishing;
..» Globalization Consulting and Internationalization.

Real-time Messaging and Presence Enabled Solutions
Rivotek Kenya has extensive experience with the Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) 2003 platform. We have developed numerous applications using both client and server APIs.

Application Development and Integration
Rivotek Kenya builds and integrates customized applications that automate processes and streamline workflows. We ensure that our custom applications integrate across your enterprise for maximum effectiveness and are flexible enough to accommodate future requirements.

E-Business Applications
Rivotek builds and integrates E-Business customized applications. Our services include:
..» E-business and web strategy development;
..» User research and interactive experience design;
..» Self-service portal design and integration;
..» Platform re-architecture and consolidation;

Design, implementation, integration, and management of e-business and web solutions.

Near-shore Out-sourcing
Through partnerships with local software development companies in Kenya, Rivotek Kenya is able to deliver custom applications at a fraction of the normal cost to our offshore partners in Latin-America and the USA.



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