To transform business operations through the use of innovative ICT solutions and processes that enable clients achieve their business objectives.

To create innovative information worker solutions that add value to businesses of all sizes.

We are a pillar for integrity, creativity and respect.

Rivotek Kenya products and services are locally developed solutions that are customized to meet the local needs as a result of research & development by in-house experts & consultants.Our affiliation with Rivotek (USA) brings in innovative collaboration applications that extend enterprise real-time messaging and enterprise line of business systems to mobile devices such as Pocket PC, Palm OS and BlackBerry.
The range of services and products that are offered included:
»..Design, development, supply & implementation of software applications and hardware;
»..Mobile solutions that connect mobile users to enterprise real-time messaging and enterprise systems;
»..Project management services that enable clients clearly define their business needs & requirements and create a process to fulfill those needs on time;
»..Localization services that provide a methodology & mechanization framework for translation of content material from a source ..language to a target language.

Since the companies inception in 2004, Rivotek Kenya has been involved in a number of innovative solution development and service delivery. A premier involvement in the localization of Microsoft Office 2003 & Windows XP has helped brand the company as a leading provider of project management services. The company has also grown in leaps and bounds in the niche markets of the pharmaceutical industry, human resource management and the education sector with major deployments in key organizations that include Daystar University, Pharmaciens Sans Frontieres(PSF) and Transchem Pharmaceuticals.

By extending enterprise real-time communications and enterprise data to mobile information workers Rivotek’s products help companies to realize a greater return on their technology infrastructure investments by:

»..Reducing transaction costs.
»..Taking advantage of existing and future technologies.
»..Accelerating business decisions.

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